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Elaine Provost Bio

ELaine Provost Artwork

"Collage, painting and drawing are natural and necessary to my existence. Natural in that I have always expressed my impressions and reactions by making artwork, knowinq it to be a lifelong part of me. And necessary because there is no other means by which I can show what I think and feel as well as I can in my collages, paintings and drawings."

"Life can be filled with opportunity and surprise, mystery and wonder, and I try to incorporate some of these things in my landscapes, interior scenes and even portraits, in particular my works of pathways are perfect vehicles for the element of mystery, for there is always the possibility of something up ahead, around the next bend, something unknown-mysterious"

I prefer that my artwork speak for itself, and speak to a wide variety of people. My collages in particular are intimate worlds that draw the viewer in, the movement created by the color and shapes holding one's attention. The work is usually representational and the basic image is recognizable, allowing the viewer to relate his or her own experiences and memories to my artwork

2012 Exhibits

"Open Door; The Kiawah Series"

City Lights Coffee
141 Market Street
Charleston, South Carolina

August 1 through 31, 2012
Artist's Reception: Friday, August 3 from 6pm to 9pm

For information call 973-449-6908

1979 - BFA: Parsons School of Design NYC, NY
1978 - Summer Study: Louvre–Paris, France

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