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With my paintings, I express how I see the world. My work has evolved from the abstract to more fantasy and design

My formal art training was in New Jersey and New York. I attended the school of Fine and Industrial Arts in Newark, N.J., Studied at Parsons, The Museum of Modern Art, The New School for Social Research, The Art Center of Northern N.J. and du Cret School of the Arts. Professional projects have included numerous exhibits in N.Y. and N.J., as well as a large showing in Cork, Ireland. In the last year I exhibited at Nabisco, Montclair State University, Atrium Gallery in Morristown, Nathans Gallery in Wayne, N.J. and Gallery One Main in High Bridge, N.J. I belong to the Blackwell St. Artists, Cycles art group and Art Educators of N.J. For the last two years I have shown at Art Expo at the Javits Center. My large abstracts have been purchased by several large corporations.

Born in Port Chester, N.Y., I now reside in Morris County, N.J. For the last 15 years beside my painting, I have taught some classes at the du Cret school in Plainfield, N.J.


Having made a conscious decision some twenty years ago to paint whenever I needed to paint, whatever the risks, this area of my varied art interests was to be the place that I had free reign. It became my journey of exploration of my feelings and fantasies and gave me the opportunity to explore the many aspects of myself.

I may start a large painting by using a piece of charcoal in sweeping motions, the movement itself helps me feel part of the painting. I feel the abstract development of the painting is a special aspect because it constantly changes. It keeps changing as long as you feed it what is inside you. Sometimes, patterns take over, or color or movement, and sometimes all these elements combine to express just the feeling or ideas you want. There is great joy in the journey. Every solo or semi solo show which has averaged about one a year, and where I have had to produce a large body of work, I have made it a point to find another part of me, and to do a series incorporating this. I believe all this has added to my growth as an artist and will continue to do so. In this new series of oil on paper, and mixed media, I start with an idea which develops a force of its own. I create a color sense that invites the imagination to perceive the landscape in a new way that gives life to the painting.

Wanda Blake

Previous Exhibits

at Talli's Art Gallery
132 East 82nd Street
New York, NY

International Exhibition
Center For International Art & Culture
September 2000
Ann & Nassau Streets
New York, New York

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