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Linda Aldrich Bio

Linda Aldrich Artwork


While majoring in Fine Art Drawing at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY, I studied painting, illustration, ceramics, printmaking and stained glass design. Since graduation, I have been steadily commissioned for stained glass design, drawing, painting and illustration. Currently, I enjoy a variety of media and subjects. My work focuses on line, color and form. My drawings and paintings employ a cross-hatching technique. This technique allows me to slowly develop my images through a rich variation of color and value. I am interested in a wide range of subjects, including portraiture, landscape and still life arrangements. My current ceramic work incorporates simple form covered in strong black and white surface design as well as a layered approach to translucent glazes. I am also exploring the use of Yixing clay, which has the ability to remain as a functional, unglazed form. My ceramic pieces are generally functional teapots, bowls or vessels. Currently represented by The Peterís Valley Craft Store, Layton, New Jersey. This gallery exhibits several fine art prints, paintings and ceramic pieces.

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